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3 Unconventional Ways to Find a Home

If you’ve spent any time house hunting in the past year, you know that the market is super hot for sellers, but a little tricky for buyers. Homes are selling very fast and almost always include intense bidding wars between potential buyers. If this idea seems overwhelming or discouraging to you, you might consider alternative ways to find your dream home without all the drama. Our team at GVC Mortgage is passionate about helping Indiana residents achieve homeownership, so we are sharing three unconventional ways to find a home that you might not have thought of.

Unconventional Ways to Find a House

1. Join a Facebook Group

Do you have a neighborhood or area you’d love to live in, but there aren’t any houses up for sale? Try joining the neighborhood’s Facebook group and asking the members if anyone is looking to sell. You might just get lucky and find someone who is willing to sell their house to you before putting it on the market. Sometimes, a situation like this can be beneficial to both parties: you will avoid the bidding war, and they will avoid the hassle of listing their house.

2. Broaden Your Horizons

Another great way to find a home in this crazy market is by considering other options. As single-family homes are often the most sought after property types, they are also the hardest to acquire. However, single-family homes are only one of the many types of properties that could be a good fit for your family. Consider other options such as a townhome or condo, land to build on, or even a foreclosure. It might not be exactly what you originally pictured, but you may find that a condo fits your needs even better than a single-family home would have.

3. Consider a Rental

Often, it’s easy to overlook rental properties when house hunting. However, if selling the property will benefit the landlord, they just might be willing to consider it. If you find a home you love that is listed as a rental, don’t be afraid to contact the landlord and ask if they would be willing to sell. It never hurts to ask!

Even if you find your house in an unconventional way, the home buying process is the same. For a mortgage team you can trust, choose GVC Mortgage. We’re happy to answer all of your home buying questions, and walk you through the process. Contact us today at (317) 564-4906 to arrange a consultation in the Indianapolis area.

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