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Buying a House in the Winter Months

It’s well understood that real estate “season” picks up in early spring and lasts until early fall. In general, people simply prefer not to move in the winter as it’s colder and everyone is busy with holidays. Typically, people do not want to be between homes over Christmas. There can, however, be some pretty big upsides to buying a home in the “off-season.” Continue reading to learn more from the team at GVC Mortgage.

Buying a House in the Winter Months

The Process Can Be Faster

Employers frequently relocate during the first quarter. With motivated buyers and sellers as a result of this spike, you can finish deals more quickly. Negotiating items like closing costs and which home appliances will be included in the sale is a fantastic idea at this time. Whatever the reason for the existing homeowners’ move, it’s likely that they want to go as soon as possible because it would benefit them to make a purchase in the winter as well. This implies that you are in the driver’s seat. You’ll have the opportunity to haggle, and you’ll frequently obtain a great deal. When it comes time to close on the house, you’ll probably notice a quicker process than a closing during the summer.

There Is Less Competition

Less competition is advantageous for home buyers. You’re less likely to get into a bidding war and more likely to get your offer approved when there are fewer buyers to contend with. Since fewer individuals tend to look for a home in the winter, you’ll have an advantage over any rivals. Winter months tend to see fewer buyers, which results in lower home prices and greater wiggle room with the seller.

Agents Have More Time

As the weather warms up, real estate brokers become extremely busy. If you want to purchase during the winter, there is a good chance that your real estate agent can help you more quickly and secure the greatest offer. Since the typical real estate agent doesn’t close as many deals in the winter, yours will likely share your desire for the sale to close. Having said that, avoid simply purchasing any home your real estate agent shows you in order for them to close a deal. You should be certain that they are showing you the best residences for your needs. The time will be available for them to do this because agents are more accommodating in the winter.

GVC Mortgage has two convenient locations in Carmel and Plainfield, IN. We can help you understand your mortgage options and walk you through the loan process. You can contact us today at (317) 564-4906 or begin the application process online.

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