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How to Buy a House Out of State

Are you relocating to Indiana from another state? Buying a house long distance can be a tricky process, especially if you’re comparing your experience to those portrayed on HGTV. Unfortunately, it’s rarely feasible for a homebuyer to make several trips to their desired location to look at houses multiple times and get the full house buying experience. However, if you follow these three tips from GVC Mortgage, you will still be able to get into a home you love and start your new life in Indiana.

How to Buy a House Out of State

1. Work with a Team You Can Trust

Our first tip is to put together a team you can trust to help you find the right home. If possible, ask trusted friends and family for a referral to find a great real estate agent. You’ll want someone with experience working with clients similar to you and, if possible, someone who has worked with an out-of-state client before. Additionally, you’ll want to find a great mortgage company to work with. At GVC, we work hard for our clients, providing prompt communication, professionalism, and fast processing. We do our best to make you comfortable by answering all of your questions along the way.

2. Set Your Budget

Once you have your team, you can apply to get pre-approved for a loan and set your budget. Remember, the amount you are pre-approved for shouldn’t necessarily be your budget. You will also need to consider insurance and other expenses as well as taxes. Because you are moving to a new state, you may have higher or lower taxes to pay, so make sure to do your research before finalizing your budget.

3. House Hunt

Finally, the fun can begin! Thanks to technology, a lot of house hunting can be done online, and you can start to get a feel for what type of house you can afford. However, because you won’t be hunting in person, you’ll also need to research the neighbors you’re considering as well as the school districts (if you have children). Make sure to check out shopping options in the area and other amenities you wish to be close by your home. Also, if you are unable to attend open houses in person, consider asking your real estate agent to attend with you on FaceTime so you can get a better feel for the house and how it flows.

At GVC Mortgage, we would love to be on your relocation team! We’re happy to answer all your home buying questions and walk you through the process. Contact us today at (317) 564-4906 to arrange a consultation in the Indianapolis area.

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