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What are Millennial Home Buyers Looking For?

What are Millennials interested in when looking to buy a home? Ideally, their dream home is energy efficient and includes a home office, a great backyard, and a modern kitchen. Continue reading to learn more from the team at GVC Mortgage.

What are Millennial Home Buyers Looking For?

Home Office

The fact that many millennials work from home now is common knowledge. But, that can make the separation of home life and work life difficult. This necessitates space for a home office, particularly in the winter when green spaces are buried in snow. The ideal situation is to have a room separate from those areas of the house dedicated to resting and entertaining. A home office is the best option for accepting Zoom calls and conducting meetings.

Backyard Haven

Due to a variety of reasons, millennials typically live in the suburbs rather than urban areas. Easy access to beautiful outdoor space and green space is a key factor in this shift. According to a SunTrust Mortgage poll, many millennials are really basing these decisions more on their dog than their partner or children. A whopping 42% of millennials who have never purchased a home claim that their dog would influence their decision. Excellent outdoor spaces are crucial because of this.

Modern Kitchen

Millennials prefer kitchens that serve dual purposes, including cooking and entertaining. A kitchen that extends into a living or dining room with space for guests is great, much like the open floor concept. Millennials favor recessed lighting, central islands, built-in wine coolers, and stainless steel appliances in terms of design.

Sustainable Materials

The impact that homes can have on overall energy use is known to millennials. Homes that are designed with sustainable materials and, for example, powered by solar panels are, therefore, top of mind. Builders and real estate brokers would be wise to come up with creative ideas for how to make homes more energy efficient when dealing with millennials.

Looking to buy a home in the Indianapolis area? Apply today with GVC Mortgage. We can help you understand your mortgage options and walk you through the loan process. You can contact our Carmel, IN office at (317) 564-4906 and our Plainfield, IN office at (317) 754-4008.

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