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Indianapolis Ranks #2 in Best Markets for First-Time Homebuyers

Have you been considering purchasing your very first home here in the Indianapolis area? Maybe you have been wondering whether it’s a good time to buy? Well, you’re in luck, friend. Let our team here at GVC Mortgage tell you all about your home purchasing and home-loan options here in Indianapolis, IN.

Indianapolis Housing Market

Best Markets for First-Timers

A housing report was just featured by Mortgage Professional America that ranks Indianapolis, IN, as the second-best metropolitan area for first-time home buyers. Other comparable markets included Tampa, Houston, St. Louis, and others. This market report came from Zillow after an assessment of 35 housing markets across the United States, looking at “affordability, competition, and expected home value appreciation.” So if you’re looking for a first-time home in Indianapolis, it may be the ideal time to buy.

Home Loans for New Buyers

The next question most first-time home buyers ask is “How will I pay for a home?” Well, our team here at GVC Mortgage would be glad to offer our knowledge of both the Indianapolis market and your home-loan options. By meeting with one of our loan professionals, you can get a better picture of how much house you can afford and what different mortgages require. We highly encourage our first-time home buyers to do their homework, work out a budget, and make sure that a new home is the best choice for them—whether or not the market is ideal. (For additional tips for new buyers, check out this blog post.)

Mortgage Pre-Approval

GVC Mortgage would love to help you take advantage of the current market and find a new home you can love for years to come. If you decide to move forward looking for your new Indianapolis home, we recommend that you first get pre-approved for your home loan. Most sellers want to know that you have proper funding before agreeing to any purchase offer. By having your pre-approval letter in hand, you can confidently make an offer and help set the seller’s mind at ease. You can apply online or by calling  (317) 564-4906  to make an appointment with one of our team members.



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